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InterAct Training Group (ITG) is a family owned business that was founded in 1994 to help businesses meet and surpass the demands of today's business climate. We place special emphasis on creating positive change in company culture and behavior to give organizations the skills and knowledge needed to create the best outcomes possible.

InterAct Training Group
2422 W Timbercreek Court
Wichita Kansas 67204

Understanding that all organizations are not the same, InterAct Training Group goes through an extensive needs assessment process. This process helps to identify performance gaps and identifies if training is an appropriate intervention. The needs assessment process may involve meetings with management, focus groups, employee surveys, or customer surveys.

  • Training Development/Instructional Design

    InterAct Training Group develops training programs customized for specific organizational needs.

  • Training Delivery

    InterAct Training Group creates a safe environment to facilitate a positive learning experience.

  • Evaluation Systems

    Developing evaluation systems that allow the effectiveness of the training initiative to be measured.

  • Transfer Plans

    An action plan describing the responsibilities of the trainer, the participant's manager, the trainee, and other significant stakeholders to make the training stick.

  • Performance Coaching

    Accelerating the development of high potential employees.

  • Business Development Consulting

    Identifying potential market segments for clients, research of the competitive marketplace and potential clients, development of marketing plans and strategies, and development of people within the client organization.

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